A Note To Self


This next season will be a season of restoration, a season of transition, a season filled with promotion. You will lack nothing.  People will talk about how unqualified you are but remember the very reasons they feel you’re unqualified are the very reasons that God is using you. He is using YOU. Let me be clear… Your Father has called YOU to do this very thing!  You have to remember in all that you do you were called to be the light. You allow that light to shine no matter your location. See, this vision that God has placed in you is GREATER than any negative word spoken, or any doubts people may have about your ability to deliver.

See, you were anointed for this. Follow His direction, be sensitive to His voice and remember you can do all things through Him that strengthens you. Beautiful Woman, walk boldly in all that you do. Remember not only who you are but who you belong to. This is a season of no distractions. If it doesn’t add to your future than you shouldn’t be concerned or involved in it. Stay focused Queen! You have people to reach and lives to change.


Me 🙂


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