A Balancing Act

First, let me address the fact that I’ve been trying to write this for a week now.. literally a week.

And let me be clear by write I mean… I’ve been thinking about what I would say. Visually seeing myself typing these words but couldn’t find the time to actually post it.
Lately, I’ve been in search of balance (I mean if you want to be technical by lately I mean all my life) Like most women… I wear multiple hats… I mean ya girl is “Booked and busy”

Isn’t that what people say?

I mean lol let me be clear by Booked I mean my head has been in the books, and by busy I mean I’ve been working a full-time job, working to get my masters, trying to conquer motherhood, trying to blog on the regular/thinking about blogging, trying to have a love life, working on conquering my ministry duties, trying to be the best mommy, sister, daughter, and friend, and still manage to have a “Life”


That was A LOT!

Ok on to my second point… I’m learning that being able to balance the many hats you wear is very essential to being successful. I’d like to think that I’ve been doing a good job balancing my many hats but then I think about the things I haven’t done in a while, like really hang with my friends or have a spa day,  etc…

I mean the list could go on but you get the point.

I wonder, how do mothers with 3+ children do it?!

I mean especially the mother’s I see out here dominating ministry, taking care of the children, having bomb date nights, working full-time/running a business.

I mean.. I’m just not there yet Jesus!

For the most part, I’m starting my days at 4:30am and ending them at 10pm. Between that, there’s prayer, work, prayer, the kids routine, prayer, kids homework, prayer, dinner, prayer, fighting one or both of the children to get their baths and get in bed, prayer, housework, prayer homework, pra-SLEEP-yer… lol

Now most of these prayers are small simple “keep me focused lord” prayers lol

I mean really.

Ya girl be tired.

But actually what I’ve learned in balancing all of these things… after prayer, the most important thing that helps me, is tackling one thing at a time.

Whenever I look at everything I have to do I almost always get frustrated because it’s SOOOOOOO MUCH!

But, when I pray, then do. Checking one thing at a time off my list I am more successful.

To all the mommies and Queen’s who are out here doing all of these things +more, I salute you!  I know in due time, I too shall conquer this balancing act called life.

Say a prayer for your girl! It takes a village lol

No, seriously!



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