Dear Journal: The Beginning… Again

Dear Journal.

So it’s almost 10pm and I decided to take a break from working on some HW, Ministry things, and packing for this trip to write. I am trullllyy trying to do better about getting back to writing  AT LEAST once a week!

Give me Grace on this.

So lately I’ve been trying to be consistent in my self-love journey… maybe I should call it my wholeness journey.

I’ve really been working through the things I’ve internalized.

Not only that but I’ve been surrendering things that I’ve had a tight grip on, to God.

And the second most important thing that I’ve been doing… is loving myself… even on the days where I find it hard to.


See, if we’re being honest there are moments when we fail to see who God says we are. And on those days when the guilt of the mistakes we’ve made sinks in…it’s hard to push through.

See i’ve decided that even on those days when my  to-do list is to the sky,  im tired,  and i’ve heard “mommy” a billion times that if you were to say “Helen” I probably wouldn’t realize you were talking to me…(yes, some days it’s like that)… I’m going to keep pushing

I will push through whatever may be causing me to want to throw a fit.

The rules I have for myself during this journey are:

  1. Continue to Seek God
  2. Remembering I am enough.
  3. I’ll be honest about how I really feel.
  4. I’ll allow myself to feel. (but this is to a certain extent. I’ve come so far with disciplining my emotions. I will NOT backslide!)
  5. Staying TRUE to ME! (This means only doing things that i connect with deeply  within my core. Not doing things to please anyone  but GOD)
  6. Drown out the Noise.
  7. Eliminating things that connect me to my past.
  8. Letting go of all past hurts and offenses.
  9. Taking space to Heal when needed.

I’m certain I have more rules than this…lol I’ll keep you updated on what they are as we go.

Nevertheless… Today i start this journey over… again… lol and I invite you to share this journey with me!

I’ll be posting weekly. Look for my  “Dear Journal” post!

This is going to be fun!



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