BE The Ocean

I saw this quote yesterday. It was probably a sponsored ad or something on IG but  It resonated soooooo deeply with my soul.

Like….. a gentle touch on the shoulder of comfort.

a kind reminder.

“Daughter, Spend your life Loving, Not seeking Love. Ocean need not seek water.”- Jaiya John

This makes me think about the times I searched high and low for love…. the times I couldn’t really be it because I hadn’t yet accepted that someone already loved me enough to die for me.

what? you’ve never been there? seeking the love of someone who ultimately doesn’t deserve the love you’ll give, the efforts you’ll make to be all that they want and need?

oh since it was just me…. **rolls eyes*** let me continue on.

See before I became the ocean I was a river…. flowing many ways… looking for someone to replenish me…

In my journey to becoming the ocean, I went through a phase where people who were like climate change caused me to dry up…with every hot day or moment.. a little bit of me evaporated…

One day the rain fell…. replenishing every drop that had been taken from me….it filled me until I began to overflow to the point I could no longer be the river, I had no choice but to become the ocean I was destined to be.

See when you get the revelation that you are to die for… you no longer seek for people to love you, like you, acknowledge the greatness in you…

when you become the ocean you acknowledge the SON who died for you, who takes on all of your cares… who overcame the world so that worldly things wouldn’t be any of your concern…

Sis,  I could give the deets on this… i could give you play by play the times i emptied myself in search of something i already had,

Take it from me…Be the light, Be like the full that you don’t need to search outward for things you already have.

Remeber God dwells within you, as you!

Go be great!


HB 🙂



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