Dear Journal: Growing Pains

This week started with me being stretched…

Growth hurts.

I’ve heard you can’t heal what you don’t reveal and that’s true. See the more I kept things inside the more I nursed and rehearsed them.

That’s like having a pity party in your head.

This week the goal was to reveal and heal.

Have you ever said the bad things you feel out loud? Ever attempted to speak and you feel the lump at the top of your throat right before the truth breaks out of your mouth?

That’s the best worst feeling.

Whenever I felt that… I knew I had to say what I felt. I knew I had to push through and be honest…because my freedom was on the other side of what I had to say.

This week I’ve been focusing on letting go of resentments… I never knew how easy it was to build resentment until I realize I actually had some unresolved resentment.

I also hadn’t realized that resentment breeds insecurity.

and that’s a no-no!

This week’s goal of revealing has already been met… the healing will soon follow.

I love me too much to be stuck in a rut about anything… my peace is too expensive.

Day by day, I’m learning that.  And each day I work hard to protect my peace.

Loving on me harder and harder!


HB 🙂



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