Dear Journal: Acceptance

Last night… I wished that I had done things differently…

You can’t accept who God has called you to be until you accept who are right now

My self-love mission this week is to accept who I am..

That means I have to accept the things that I didn’t do right because after all, those very things have made me the woman I am today.

Every morning I awake… say my morning prayer then I face myself in the mirror. I admit some days I’m not feeling myself…


This week…no matter what my mind wanted to say…  I decided to like me anyway lol

I know that sounds crazy but I’m certain that we all have had days like that.

This week I decided to accept that I am WHERE I am… I am WHO I am.. and I am WHAT God says I am..

I’ve set goals for myself… personal goals that I am striving to reach to be a better me… not only for ME but for my children.

It’s important to me that I show them why it’s important to love yourself..  and I’m not talking about that fake self-love… you know where we’re like I love myself so let me post this selfie to IG or Fbook.

No this is the self-love where I dig deep to know who I am…learn who God says I am… so that I can be where he has called me to be.

The goal is to love myself, unconditionally.

Never wavering.

In doing so… i’ll be the best mommy, sister, friend, a girl can be.

Digging  Deeper.


HB 🙂





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