Dear Journal:  The funny thing about Time

God dwells within in me, as me. Things happen for me in the time, that He sees fit.

I came across this thing I wrote a few years ago and today it resonated deeply within me…

Reading it was nostalgic… I mean I remember exactly what I was thinking and feeling when I posted it years ago.

Years ago it gave me joy.

Today… not so much…

Time is a funny thing.. and what I realize is, I’m cool with the timing God has for me… as long as it’s within the timeframe I have for me…

you missed that huh? or is it just me?!? lol

I mean doesn’t God know how hard I’ve worked to quiet The Sarah in Me?

How obedient i’m learning to be?

Just like Spike Lee… i’m trying to do the right thing.. I mean… i’m honest about my shortcomings… and walking boldly in my truth…

Learning to love He loves me.. has been my hardest Pursuit…

Still, I proceed…

Time is a funny thing… see there’s a fancy quote i used to know about waiting well… for once in my life i can’t remember it.. lol my friends all know this is unlike me because i have the memory of an elephant…


Here I am.

Somewhere between waiting well and throwing a fit…

Time is a funny thing… they say the more things change, the more they stay the same…and by they I mean Corinne Bailey Rae…

Time is a funny thing.


HB 🙂

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