Getting my life

So… It’s been a minute since I posted.

Honestly, life has had me pretty busy. I mean, between motherhood, going to school, working full time and attempting to have a life, I’ve barely had a chance to gather my thoughts.

Essentially, in order for me to get back on top of this blogging thing, i knew i needed to get organized.

So here we are.


I purchased this cute little notebook at my all-time favorite store (for those of you don’t know, I’m referencing Target 😊).

so I can go into 2018 a little prepared to produce more content.

👀 lol I know I usually just blog when I feel it come over me but I’m trying to be more intentional about my writing… Like I used to be way back when… like before blogging was a thing.

Since we only have about 6 weeks left in the year I am going to use this time to get ahead for next year.

So excuse me if I don’t write for another 6-7 weeks. Just be ready for 2018. I already have some good stuff planned that I can’t wait to share.

To keep up with me until then follow me on IG @BridgingBriggs  or for you daily inspirational quotes @TheBriggsLife(Facebook, Twitter and IG)


HB 😀




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