Finding Peace in a season of “Not Yet”

This season of my life has been the hardest.

Not because I’m lacking anything that I truly need but because I have wants… I mean to simply put it, I want them NOW lol.

and I haven’t been too quiet about voicing them to God.

and he’s been pretty silent… or maybe I’ve been ignoring Him because He’s not speaking what I want to hear right now.

And before you start to judge me lol I’m human. Don’t act like you’ve listened to everything He’s said…. i’m certain God has sent you some warnings but you’ve continued on your way…


I’m so ready for my life to move… that the thought of sitting still another moment might make my head explode.

Have you ever tried being still in a place of movement?

Pastor Furtick said in one of his sermons:

Frustration is God nudging you. You’ve been placed in a position of movement…If you’re not moving something’s broken.

that resonated deeply within my soul because this season has been extremely frustrating… yet I can’t figure out what’s broken (not that I’ve really tried).

I’ve wondered when the “not yet” I keep hitting like a brick wall will turn into an “Okay, Now”.

When will the light turn green?

I’ve yet to figure that out.

See the hardest part about this “Not Yet” season is the waiting… the time I’m having to sit still in one area when the other areas are flourishing can be hard to comprehend.

It’s like everything I’ve wanted to do He’s made a way. Instantly.

I say: “I wanna go get my Masters”

God says: “Here ya go! Piece of cake”

I say :”I want to reach more women. Use me to help them. I want to do more in my Ministry”

God Says : “Here ya go! This is what you need to do, this is where you can be used.”

I say : “Lord i’m ready for my life to move. The way you intend for it to move. I’m really ready now”

God says: “Not Yet”

I mean I could give several examples but I’m certain you get the picture.

Today I was riding home from work and my daughter was screaming because she wanted some french fries and as I responded to my daughter God spoke to me.

I told my daughter:

Wait. I am trying to save you. If I give it to you now, It will hurt you.

Have you ever had a moment like that? Where you hear God Loud and clear in a moment when you’re trying to tell somebody else something?

I mean God will pull your card out in the middle of your sentence. smh.

I won’t say i’ve found complete peace in God’s “Not Yet”

But i’m working towards it daily…

I’m finding contentment in the “Not Yet” season because my “Now” season is ON THE WAY!



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