The Thorn in my flesh

Today I found that Paul and I have had much in common. Like Paul I have a thorn in my flesh.  And I’ve been ignoring the pain of this thorn. I mean sometimes I ignore it so well that I forget that it’s there. Then other times the discomfort of it enrages me.

Paul prayed 3x requesting for God to remove his thorn….Unlike him… it’s taken me a little longer to get the picture.  So I’ve prayed over a thousand times for God to remove this thorn..  I’ve said prayers like “God, if you don’t remove this I know it won’t happen.”  And “God I am struggling so much with the discomfort of this thorn please help me get past it.”

I’ve even told God that this thorn needs to be removed in the next 3 weeks because I absolutely CAN NOT go into 2018 with this.

I mean I could tell you all of the long and short prayers I’ve made in hopes that God would hear me and remove this thorn.

Today as the discomfort pierced my soul I decided to get into the word. To listen to some Gospel music and listen to sermons. To renew my mind and shift my focus.

Today I was sent a word… and I swear I’ve heard this word just as much as I’ve prayed for this thorn to be removed but today it CLICKED.

I was moved to study 2 Corinthians 12:7-11.

The Greater the assignment… the Greater the attack.

This thorn is a gift… but I couldn’t see it… I can’t comprehend it…or at least I couldn’t then. In my studying I’ve learned that God will use what the enemy uses to torment me, to transform me.

Not only that!

But in Exodus 23:22-31 The lord says if I continue to obey Him and do what he has called me to do He will be an enemy to my enemies… and though this thorn will not be removed right away He will remove it little by little until I have increased and I am made strong.

It is clear now that though this thorn may be my weakness God is going to use it so that I am made strong.

So now my prayers are changing… because His Grace is sufficient.

My enemies work for God… as crazy as that may sound. He’s using them to strengthen me.

God will use His angels and my enemies.

My weakness will lead me to His Strength. I’m learning the greater the assignment the greater His assistance in my life. He has protected and positioned me according to His purpose NOT my comfort.

So I’m a little uncomfortable… but His Purpose is greater than my discomfort.

Little by little He’s bringing me into the place He’s positioned me for.

Imma leave this right here


HB 🙂

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