We’re Baaacccckkkk!!

*ques Welcome back by Mase and begins to Harlem shake*

Happy New Year BRIGGade!!!

I hope these first 10 days have been full of good things for you. Feels like it’s been a min since I’ve been here…. Nevertheless!! Let’s get going…

Now I know we’re only 10 days in but I hope each day that has passed you’ve made it your mission to do ONE thing that’ll get you closer to where you want to be.

So the plan this year is to blog once a week and each post I will try to leave you with three things to think about… Sometimes I will be successful at informing you of these points directly… other times you’ll have to read into it a little to figure it out…

Every day I wake up and thank the good Lord for the opportunity that He’s giving me in the new day and then I look at my vision board… When I look at my board I am reminded of all the things I want to accomplish this year. Each day I strive to do one thing that brings me closer to one or all of my goals for the year.

I’d like to think I’m doing well at it… again… we’re 10 days in *Lord keep me focused*.

I have a lot that I am doing this year. A lot of things that will be pulling my attention… a lot of things requiring my time but the plan is to be balanced.

See last year I got a small taste of the things to come and admittedly my balance was a little off. I didn’t really know how to balance everything so my self-care was at 0% . Lack of rest and me time was a no Bueno.

This year I’m saying no to some things.  Already 10 days in and I’ve learned that it’s ok to outgrow some things and/or some people. I know that my “No’s” will have some ppl turning their noses up and feeling some type of way. But they will be fine.

As well as, I’m seeking to be around like minded people. My friend made a point to me. Some of the people she’s currently around don’t feed the type of life she wants to lead. And as she spoke that I heard God clearly. “Get around like minded people.”

Now I’m checking my heart and the hearts of the people I surround myself with. This year is about pushing more into my purpose and I accept that I can’t do that attached to some people.

I promised myself that this year I’d be direct with people. Speaking my truth all 2018. BOLDLY.

This will be my most focused year yet. I’m giving my kids the best parts of me. No distractions. And as I will dig deeper into my purpose.

That being said. Welcome back toThe Briggs Life! Here’s to another year together.

So the three points for this week are:

1.       Seek balance. Don’t give all your attention to one area of your life causing another to lack. Ask God to show you how to balance all that you have on your plate.

2.       Say No. And realize that’s a complete sentence. If you’re busy or if you just plain don’t want to do something. Don’t feel guilty about wanting to use your free time for yourself.

3.  Speak your truth! Everyone has their own truth that they have to live in. Live in yours, not someone else’s!

Feels good to be back! Meet me next week and let’s talk about this struggle Dream y’all were sold. 🤦🏽‍♀️

Ttys HB 😘

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