I Heard You Were Looking For Me

Hey friends!!

How’s it going? I know it’s been a min since I’ve checked in but I’ve been a little tied up. Back in February I decided to give up social media for lent and that went pretty good. I mean I thought it would be hard but it was quite the opposite.

I enjoyed time with my family and friends without the interruption of what everyone else was doing. I didn’t know where the blog fell so I decided to give it up for lent too…Plus my draft folder built up full of the things I wanted to post but couldn’t seem to bring myself to finish.

I don’t know about you, but for me, life is gooooodd! I mean…I really don’t have any complaints. I’ve been learning me, testing the limits, growing, glowing, letting go of my exit strategies, and most importantly TRUSTING GOD TO DELIEVER on His promises.

During the time off from writing and everything else… I watched Moana with my daughter over 1000x. Lol this is her favorite movie but in doing so each time I learned something new about the movie… then one time while watching it I had a revelation.

While studying and doing my devotionals…talking to God about my Calling… wanting some direction on how to prepare outside of what I’m already doing. How to effectively use my call into ministry for His glory… wanting God to show me how to fulfill the calling He has placed on my life…

Just as the Song of the Ancestors was playing my ears seemed to tune in.  I really began to listen to the lyrics.

The portion that struck a chord in me says:

“And the call isn’t out there at all. It’s inside me.”

That simple lyric Blew. My. Mind.

It was as if in that moment my ears tuned in to remind me to stop searching outside for a calling God placed on the inside of me… My inner me was like…

I felt inspired… and ready to fulfill my calling…

Has that happened to you? Do you know what you’re called to do? If not let me remind you to search within. And once you find it remember that it’s always on the inside of you!

I’m glad to be back…and look forward to chatting with y’all on the regular basis!



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