Somewhere between Family Business and boo’d up.

Happy Friday BRIGGade, and Hello to my new followers!

I know it’s been a min.. I went on vacation and got ghost on yall… came back and had a few changes happen and I’ve been kinda wrapped up in that. That past two weeks have reminded me of a lot.

Lets get the hard lesson out the way… I learned that sometimes, even family has to be cut off. I’ll be 29 in about 2 months… and for the past few years I’ve just been working on being a better person and in my growth I’ve learned that there’s a reason people hurt you (in most cases) whether it’s your parents, siblings, friends, etc.  So in knowing that I took time to understand and reconnect (kind of) with a family member because I felt it was time to move past the past.

I only say kind of because we were just getting to a space where we were ok…then things went south….again. This time I had to cut my losses. I realize that just because I’ve changed and grown doesn’t mean other people have… and that’s ok.

I accepted that as much as I wanted this relationship with this family member to be like I felt these relationships should be doesn’t mean it’s meant to be. Manipulation, Lies, and a plethora of other things just seem to get in the way.

I never understood how other people could get the best side of this person… while all along my sis and I were the ones who saw the side of disappointment… the ones who received ridiculous phone calls… the ones suffering from a lack of presence.

I realize now that growing up we steadily accepted what we felt we deserved based off of the first person to show us what we should expect.

I pray they find peace but disturbing mine is no longer an option for them.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean reconciliation.

So we’re moving on.


*Ques Ella Mai*

**begins singing “Feelings….. so deep in my feelings… no this aint really like me…can’t control my anxiety”***

In other news…. My lover Man (because he’s not a boy anymore I guess I can’t say Lover boy lol) and I have been petitioning God for some things since the end of last year and we’re now seeing  some of those things come into fruition.

*praise break*

Our long distance relationship is OVER!!!!!!!!!

Sheesh 4 years apart is a long time. God has heard our prayer and as of this month we’re back in the same city!

I’m excited for where God is taking us  and can’t wait for what’s to come.

If you’re looking for me i’m probably boo’d up lol

until next time.



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