Year 29: 29 Things to Keep in Mind.

Surprise! I decided to do a little blog for my bday! I know I usually only check in once a week but, I’m trying to get in the habit of writing when I feel it. I don’t want to be boxed in to a particular schedule.

Moving on.

My word for year 28 was Grace. God taught me soo much about Grace and how to extend it to others and myself. I feel like I learned the most in my last year of life because it challenged me the most. Today I am 29 and I’m excited to see what God has in store for me. Here are 29 things I’m planning to keep in mind during this 29th chapter.

  1. Always extend Grace. -To everyone not just those you’re close with.
  2. With God you can be what you need to be, to everyone who needs you.
  3. Putting God first, makes you ready for everything you need to do.
  4. I’m not inferior to anyone.
  5. I’m influential. -Even a small word of encouragement goes a long way.
  6. It’s ok to end relationships that aren’t healthy. – Family included.
  7. Be Honest about your feelings.
  8. Learn new things.
  9. Forgive without conditions.
  10. Let the past be the past.- No nursing and rehearsing.
  11. Take EVERYTHING to God. –
  12. Write when you feel it.
  13. Do everything in love.
  14. Listen to hear what people are really saying, not just to respond.
  15. Follow the voice on the inside.
  16. Offense is a choice, don’t take it.
  17. Be the person you needed.
  18. Your past doesn’t define you and anyone still addressing you where you used to be has no place in your life.
  19. People change. -Sometimes for the good, some for the bad. Either way allow them.
  20. Be patient and get in position. There are some things you can’t receive from God until your posture is correct.
  21. Timing is everything. Right thing, wrong time= Disaster.
  22. Your peace comes first.
  23. Sometimes you have to be unavailable. -Not everyone deserves access to you at all times.
  24. No is a complete sentence.
  25. Be the light you were called to be.
  26. Stay focused on what God wants you to do. Not all the things that could go wrong.
  27. Share your testimony. Someone needs to hear it.
  28. Do heart checks daily to be sure your intentions are pure.
  29. BE YOU!

So here’s to being a year older and definitely wiser! I’m excited to share with you guys all the things 29 is going to bring for me.  Don’t forget to follow @TheBriggsLife on IG. I love hearing from you! Feel free to contact me at

Monday catch me right here, sharing my personal struggles with waiting for this season of life that I am currently in!

Yes this picture is three weeks old but I like it 🙂 shoutout to my future Hubby for capturing this.


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