A little Q&A

What’s up BRIGGade,

I know I’m a day short on posting but listen… I feel like I’ve barely had the time to sit still. Last week I did a Q&A on IG (@TheBriggsLife) for people to ask a few questions about last week’s post and general questions. I received several questions… and honestly I was quite surprised!!


In this week’s post I’ll be answering 6 of those questions. 3 related to last week’s post and 3 general questions.

Questions about last week’s post:

  1. “Were you ever afraid that your fiancé wasn’t the man God promised? If so, when did you stop being afraid and really trust God’s plan?”

Yes, there were a few times I questioned if He was the man God promised me… simply because I wasn’t where I needed to be in my faith to discern if God was moving. It took a while for the fear of “He might not be the one” to fade.  It wasn’t until I stopped focusing on him and started focusing on becoming what God needed me to be that, that fear subsided.

  1. “How would you advise others to wait well?”

I would say, focus on God and be content where you are. It’s hard to be patient when you’re focused on the wrong things.  Know that just as God may need to work on your mate,  He also needs to work on you.

  1. “You speak about having a second child of wedlock, did that add any pressure? Causing you to become even more impatient?”

Hmm. Kinda. Really, more than anything it pushed me to seek God harder. In my flesh, yes, it made me always wonder when it would happen. But the harder I ran after God the less I thought about it.


General Questions:

  1. “A while ago you did a post pertaining to forgiveness, have you ever struggled to forgive people? What works better? Talking to them about it or just forgiving them? I have someone I feel I need to sit and talk to but, I am unsure if I should.”

Yes, in the past I’ve struggled heavily with forgiveness. Either way works best. It’s whatever you’re comfortable with. Talking it out sometimes is the best route if possible. It doesn’t mean that you have to try to be friends with the person. Most time forgiveness doesn’t mean reconciliation. It’s just a way to move on with your life. Do whatever you feel is best. I would advise that you step out of your intentions and see if there is any way you may have hurt the other person. Be open to apologizing for your part (if any) in how things went down or etc.

  1. “Have you ever been the one that needed to ask for forgiveness?”

Who hasn’t? Nobody’s perfect. I’ve made my fair share of mistakes in my 29 years. I’ve been hurt and probably hurt some people too. I’m not afraid to admit that. I haven’t always asked for forgiveness from people but I’ve always apologized for anything that I may have done when I realized that I’ve messed up. Not just in relationship, but in friendships and with associates.

  1. “Will this still be The Briggs Life once you’re married?”

Very good question! Honestly, I’m not sure. I believe so as this is my baby so to speak lol.  But who knows I may come up with something catchy containing my new last name and change it! Just stay tuned! Either way the BRIGGade stays! Lol


BRIGGade, It was hard to select only 6 of the 20 questions I received. I may start doing a Q&A once a month! I will continue responding to questions via email as I get them.  You can always contact me directly at TheBriggsLife@gmail.com . Follow us on IG @TheBriggsLife and FB The Briggs Life to stay up to date on what’s going on and for daily inspiration!


Until next week!




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