Loc’d Up

What’s up BRIGGade!

I hope all is well! About a month and half ago, after much thought I decided to Loc my hair.

I’ve been on and off natural for about 6-7 years and i feel like I’ve tried everything but this.

I thought well maybe the loc life could be cool for me. I did my research of course. I researched Pinterest and followed IG pages of girls with locs just so I can see what the process might be like.

Despite my hesitation, on June 23 I said goodbye to my fro.

And hello to my loc life.

This past 5-6 weeks has been amazing. At first I was concerned about how i would look and if i would be able to hold out on getting my hair done.

As a hair perfectionist (wanting my hair to be perfect all the time) the thought of having fizzy hair scared me. Lol

Really I was like “I can’t be walking around looking like who did it and got away with it.” Lol

I mean I honestly didn’t know if I could truly commit to this.

I know most girls, are too afraid to try different styles and they tie their identity/beauty to having long hair and etc but I’m telling you there’s freedom in trying new things.

Here I am almost 6 weeks into my loc journey and I’m loving every min of it. The freedom of getting up and going.

Here are some photos from my journey so far.

Week 2 new growth

Week 2 new growth

And here’s week 5 :

Excuse my mean mug lol it was early in the morning before my appointment! Lol

and here is my first wash and retwist:

So as you can tell, lol I’m excited about this new journey. I’ll check in from time to time, to update y’all on my progress.

My fiancé and one of my friends isn’t convinced that I’ll stick with this because they know i love to switch my hair like the seasons lol. But I’m sure I’ll prove them wrong.

Lol I’ll be here trusting the process and loving every minute of it.

Until next week.


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