2018 Wrap Up


I hope that the last five months have treated you well. I’ve been a tad bit busy and I couldn’t find the time to set aside to write. Now that I am out of school, that’s right Grad school is completely done. Ya Girl has her MFA in Creative Writing.

Now I should have a little more time to hopefully get a blog out once a week or maybe once a month. Depends on how the wind blows.

2018 was a great year for me, despite a few mishaps towards the end. I really had a banging year. Although the last two months had me like:

Regardless of what life threw at me I really can’t complain. 2018 taught me  a lot of lessons. I was really able to see how much I’ve grown. When I had the opportunity to rightfully step into the old me I chose the latter. And I’m quite proud of myself. Only the Grace of God kept me.

They say that maturity is when people come looking for the old you and you don’t respond. Let’s just say I kinda conquered that. 

2018 was definitely an eye-opener. I lost a few things and at first instead of dealing with it, I suppressed it. I became angry about things that 1. I couldn’t control, and 2. Were just plain stupid to me. I resolved that people will make excuses for things that they’re not willing to confront or change.

I also learned that there are people out there who will legit do anything to see you miserable. I mean to be clear, I knew it but to experience it, is a whole different beast. In learning this, I realized that you have to pray for those people especially. People who intentionally go out of their way to harm you in any way, definitely need help. Or a hobby. I could go on about this but that’s all I got on it at this time. lol

Moving forward:

I am ready for 2019. I know that great things will come from it. I mean I have a lot going on. At the beginning of the year there’s graduation, then I’ll end the year with changing my last name, then somewhere in the middle I turn 30. Like 30! I can’t believe I am about to be the big 3-0!

And here’s the catch: I’m actually looking forward to it. My 20s taught me A LOT! I grew so much as a woman within these past 10 years that I could barely keep up with myself. Especially in the last two years, when growth was the only option. And yes, I had a few things trying to deter me but I kept pushing.

When I look over my 2018 vision board God practically provided me everything I wanted.. and then some. I was promoted, got engaged, finished graduate school etc… Each new level came with its on challenges, but nothing too big for my God. This year I didn’t blog as often as I wanted nor finish nearly as many books as I wanted but hey, there’s always room in 2019 for improvement.

This year taught me that relationships are hard work… not just romantic relationships but friendships too.

To my friends I say:

My friends prayed me through things without me asking. The ones that listened to me vent, cry, legit go off and redirected me back to where I needed to be, are the real MVP’s. I appreciate my friends who showed up for me, without questions. My friends who supported my calling and didn’t hesitate to remind me that I am built for it. Even when I had lost sight of why. I love you all more than words.

Overall 2018 was a great year.

I see 2019 as the year of restoration, healing, consistency, and progression. I’m excited to watch my life fall into place…my ministry to be expanded, and for God to continue to work on me so He can continue to work through me. Life only gets better from here.  I’m going into 2019 with positive vibes and expectations, knowing that everything I want is already mine. For you my friends, I pray that 2019 is everything that you want it to be. Get your goals together and conquer them.

Until next year.



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