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It’s Not About ME!

 Recently I’ve battled the thought of being associates with people who are close to people who I do not **begins to search for a word* Care for… I believe that’s the correct terminology. I don’t hate them… I don’t dislike them… I just don’t care for them… To me… they’re just not essential to my…

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Can I just stay here?

Sometimes I wish I was a stay at home mom… I know what you’re thinking… why in the world woud I want to sit at home all day with my children?! Today I looked at my childen as they played wishing other things weren’t always pulling my attention away from them… If im not working,…

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Morning Meditation 

I read a book about a month ago about relishing in the life before you. It helped me pay closer attention to the little things my life had to offer. The smiles on my children’s faces, the time I have with them in the stages where they need me most. It also made me more…

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