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Healing: The Real Self-Care

The very thing that I thought I’d never recover from, is the very thing that helped me become more aware that I too need self-care. I too needed space, grace, and time to feel and heal. I too needed a safe space to deal with the hurt caused by others. Hurts caused by me allowing myself to be put in a box that I didn’t belong in. That I too needed the real self-care: Healing.

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A little Q&A

What’s up BRIGGade, I know I’m a day short on posting but listen… I feel like I’ve barely had the time to sit still. Last week I did a Q&A on IG (@TheBriggsLife) for people to ask a few questions about last week’s post and general questions. I received several questions… and honestly I was…

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Living for Friday’s

BRIGGade, Honestly and truly i hate to say this but these days i find myself counting down the days until Friday. Somehow my weeks have become more packed and my to-do list runneth over. I can’t think of the last time I’ve had a minute to myself. I’m constantly working on something and or thinking…

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Hello hello hey hello hello

What’s up BRIGGade!?! I know, i know, i promised you a blog last week about the struggle dream And unfortunately it’s not ready yet. I thought i had it where i wanted but the snow came and my train of thought shifted. ANYWHO!! We’ve got some new followers this week! How ya’ll doing!? Thank you…

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We’re Baaacccckkkk!!

*ques Welcome back by Mase and begins to Harlem shake* Happy New Year BRIGGade!!! I hope these first 10 days have been full of good things for you. Feels like it’s been a min since I’ve been here…. Nevertheless!! Let’s get going… Now I know we’re only 10 days in but I hope each day…

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