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Healing: The Real Self-Care

The very thing that I thought I’d never recover from, is the very thing that helped me become more aware that I too need self-care. I too needed space, grace, and time to feel and heal. I too needed a safe space to deal with the hurt caused by others. Hurts caused by me allowing myself to be put in a box that I didn’t belong in. That I too needed the real self-care: Healing.

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We’re Baaacccckkkk!!

*ques Welcome back by Mase and begins to Harlem shake* Happy New Year BRIGGade!!! I hope these first 10 days have been full of good things for you. Feels like it’s been a min since I’ve been here…. Nevertheless!! Let’s get going… Now I know we’re only 10 days in but I hope each day…

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Bye Bye Baby

Well here we are… at the end of another year. In just a couple of week’s give or take we will be welcoming the new year.  You know.. “new year, new you” type of thing. Usually, I’m down for the “New Me” type thing but this year I’m happy to say new year same me…with…

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The Thorn in my flesh

Today I found that Paul and I have had much in common. Like Paul I have a thorn in my flesh.  And I’ve been ignoring the pain of this thorn. I mean sometimes I ignore it so well that I forget that it’s there. Then other times the discomfort of it enrages me. Paul prayed…

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